Monday, 20 August 2012

Tackling the Garden and the Ants!

I have been very busy of late, rushing around and attempting to enjoy the summer weather. Not entirely sure where its gone. In honour of the up and coming bank holiday weekend, we’ve though about starting some jobs outside and yep, they will probably still be there after the weekend.

This is one piece of advice I would give future homeowners – really look at the garden and the potential work involved with gardening, weeding and general maintenance. One of the first challenges, apart from tackling the jungle that once represented a lawn was to focus on the slabs and this was no easy task.
Apart from the obvious design flaws of them looking old, they were uneven. There are so many times you can ask visitors to mind the slabs. However, the warm weather has also presented another problem in the form of ants.

I love wildlife and I support many animal charities, but the thought of seeing a black carpet of ants running around my garden and even getting into my home was too much to think about.  This is why the slabs need immediate attention.  We are planning on taking up the slabs, resurfacing and laying new ones (budget allowing) and at least making the area easier to walk on.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hi & Welcome Bloggers

I’ve managed to grab a few hours peace and quiet. The reason for the days and months flying by (apparently it’s Christmas soon!!!)  is that I have brought my first home with ‘the other half’. It has been a roller coaster couple of months. 

I wanted to share my experiences from looking at the different homes and the challenges I faced when it came to purchasing and the dreaded moving day. It quickly became clear that we had more rubbish than first thought…but that’s a whole different blog post.

When I started thinking about moving, I naturally turned to the internet for ideas and inspiration and those ‘quick tips’, some of which I was grateful for and others seemed to confuse me more and even increase the level of stress and pressure thrown in to the moving process.

So I decided as I work in online marketing, and blog all day, what a great way to get my own and personal thoughts across - Jacey Trayne Blog is now up and running! I will be posting here frequently, or at least until the next box of stuff has 'gone missing'.