Friday, 3 August 2012

Hi & Welcome Bloggers

I’ve managed to grab a few hours peace and quiet. The reason for the days and months flying by (apparently it’s Christmas soon!!!)  is that I have brought my first home with ‘the other half’. It has been a roller coaster couple of months. 

I wanted to share my experiences from looking at the different homes and the challenges I faced when it came to purchasing and the dreaded moving day. It quickly became clear that we had more rubbish than first thought…but that’s a whole different blog post.

When I started thinking about moving, I naturally turned to the internet for ideas and inspiration and those ‘quick tips’, some of which I was grateful for and others seemed to confuse me more and even increase the level of stress and pressure thrown in to the moving process.

So I decided as I work in online marketing, and blog all day, what a great way to get my own and personal thoughts across - Jacey Trayne Blog is now up and running! I will be posting here frequently, or at least until the next box of stuff has 'gone missing'.

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